About The Author

Mark (that's me) lives in his home town of Monrovia California, the recipient of a Masters in Physics and a second degree in Math. A lifelong reader of fantasy and SciFi, he finally set his own imagination to paper with the help of his trusty old Amiga computer. His passions include yoga, theorizing about the Universe, and most especially writing books like this.

Want to know other stuff about me? Well, there's always my personal page at http://members.tripod.com/~dr-strange.

Now for other factoids.

How long have I been at this? Well, I finished the first Maldene novel in 1996, then fast-forward 10 years of agent rejections I finally get a publisher. You want to complain about how you were rejected by 6 or 7 agents before finding a break? Well, when you reach about 150 agents then we can talk about things getting difficult. Apparently a Fantasy author who's also a new arrival is pretty much an auto-reject as far as agents are concerned. The one thing I got out of it all was this: at some point near the end of the process get a professional critique. There are companies that do just that for around $60 to $80. I also learned that you will never find any positive posts about agents, publishers, or the like, as anyone that made out good is too busy living his life and career to bother making such posts, unlike anyone with a chip on their shoulder. It comes down to a matter of who has the least amount of negative posts against them and from whom such posts originate.

Anyway, back to me. Not much more to say that would benefit me so I'll stop before the self-deprecation can begin. I will say that this first Maldene novel is the first of a very long and epic series, the likes of which I guarantee you have never seen before. The sheer scope of it is longer than Mission Earth, broader reaching than Lord Of The Rings, and just develops a whole mess of characters and plot lines as the series goes on.

So welcome to the world of Maldene, my own little Multiverse, and step up to See Maldene.