The Map

So you've seen the world-map inside the book, but of course being printed on a paperback book it, by necessity, got scrunched down a bit, loosing a bit of detail. But you still want to see the full-sized map, complete with all the little details I put in. Well, happy days because the full-sized jpegs are here free for download. The map is in your basic black and white, just as in the book, and is so large that it remains divided up into left and right halves of the world (just match them up).

Happy downloading.

Left half of Maldene
Right half of Maldene

The Font

Hey, love that alphabet in the back of the book? Want to write letters to your friends with it? Well, here's where you can download it for your own use. Just choose which of the supplied formats then install it into your computer just like any other font. Easy!

And now for the quasi-legal stuff. All versions of this Maldene font are mine; my rights, my creation, my copyright. You may download and pass the font along, just do not change anything about it; if you find something wrong with one of the font characters then just email me and I'll make the change then re-upload it. Do not make any changes to the archive either.

There, that wasn't too painful. Well, the archive is linked below and currently contains three versions: Postscript I, Postscript III, and TrueType (I favor the last one myself). Download and have fun.

Maldene Font Files

Mystery Download

Finished reading the book now? Both volumes? Well then, now you can download this extra little goody but only do so if you have completely finished reading the novel (both volumes). The map they found in the last section of the book? This is it, and no more said about it until "Maldene II: Mysteries Of Olde".

Mystery Map