Maldene Volume 1 & 2 with free map

Buy both Maldene Volume 1 and Maldene Volume 2- the COMPLETE first novel- at the same time and get a free full-color worldmap at the same time!  You get the both parts of the full first novel in the series, and a detailed high resolution map of the entire world of Maldene.  You just can’t beat this one!

In fact, I’ll go one better.  Buy this bundle- both halves of the first novel- and I’ll shave a few bucks from the combined total price.  That AND the map!


UPDATE:  Now for Xmas 2016 (and possibly for good), I have lowered the price for the ebook versions of Volumes 1 and 2 down to $4.95 each, which means that I’m also lowering the total price for the Bundle Deal as well.  The prices below reflect this change.  Okay, now on with the pitch…


So, how much of a savings is that?  Well, for those that skipped right past the Ordering page and directly here, here’s how it goes:

  • Maldene, Volume One:  $4.95
  • Maldene, Volume Two:  $4.95
  • The full-color high-res world map:  Can’t get it anywhere else.
  • Total for both books separately:  $9.90
  • Minus the Bundle Discount:  $6.90

To put this further into perspective, the print edition of the two volumes comes out to over 400 pages each (6″x9″); that’s around 850 pages in total (330,000 words), or roughly about the size of the entire LOTR trilogy.  Great deal, if I do say so myself.


Technical details:  This offer is for the ebook versions only.  The map was saved out as a jpeg at 75% so as to save you the hassle of a 33MB file.

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