Erik Setser Interview Now Available

Today I interviewed Erik Setser, author of the Elder Blood Chronicles, and a mixed-genre fantasy writer after my own heart. A bit of a glitch about midway through when Erik’s phone died on him but he managed to call back in and finish the interview. Fun and informative, you can give it a listen over on the Author Talk Audio page then check out his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ElderBlood.

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  1. EASetser

    The series is called The Epimetheus Trial. Elder Blood is just the title of the first book.

    The Elder Blood Chronicles — no connection — is a self-published series by Melissa Myers.

  2. Miro

    I stand corrected

    1. Miro

      This was also a good test of the comment system as it wasn’t taking my replies and displaying them. Had to reset a couple of anti-spam settings.

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