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Maldene- The BOOK TRAILER!

Yes, I’ve finally gotten a trailer done for the first book of Maldene.  You can view it right HERE or see it on YouTube! It has begun…

Article In Newswire About Yours Truly

It seems as some thoughtful or very impressed person has seen fit to write up an article about me and Maldene. Give it a gander at Newswire.

New Maldene Video: What Makes Maldene Different

Got around to doing another video, this time a video version of my article “What Makes Maldene Different,” where I attempt to answer that question in the expected one-line sound-byte… I failed; there IS no simple answer, but i’ll let the vid say it for me (please forgive the poor production quality- I’m a writer …

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New Xmas Price Specials for Maldene

Well, it’s finally the Christmas Season (I don’t start counting until Dec 1), and time to start handing out presents.  So, here’s mine.  After giving it some long and careful thought, I have reduced the prices of the ebook versions of Maldene Volumes 1 and 2 down to $4.95 each.  Quite a deal now, but …

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What Makes Maldene Different

This is a question I have been asked on occasion, and certainly one you want an answer for if you’re to market a novel, but it is to me the single hardest question to answer. Why, you ask? Because there is no single thing that makes Maldene different. It is a revolution in fantasy, a …

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First Maldene Vid-Log

Well, just thought I’d give this YouTube thing a bit more of a try, so I’ve started with a little quick one listing a couple more factoids about the books.  Just enough to wet your appetite.  That said, you’ll find the vid imbedded below and linked to on the Video Page…  

Maldene Teaser On You-Tube

Well, I’m finally catching up with the times.  I’ve turned my little audio narrative of Chapter One of Maldene into a You-Tube video for viewing by the entire Tube-verse.  So, here goes the embed…

The Next Flaatphut Is In!

Putting all things Maldene aside for a moment, there’s another series of stories that I write between all the Big Stuff; stories just to have some fun. Inspector Flaatphut is a tongue-in-cheek cyberpunk anthropomorphic mad ride through a future where uplifted bipedal ferries walk alongside humans in a world of domed cities, flying cars, and …

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Maldene Volume II now available in ebook

Well, I may not have enough cash to print up any print editions yet, but the ebook version of Maldene Volume II is now up on Amazon. So, until I can get the print version going, you can slip right over and get a little sopmethign for your Kindle here. See how this first chapter …

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Another New Post At Story Reading Ape

Well, I made another new post about Maldene over at the Story Reading Ape.  Just go here for a good read.

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