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New Flaatphut Story

Okay, this one is for those that actually know I have a short story out there called “Project Looking Glass”, the first in my Inspector Flaatphut series. Well, since I had some recent nudging, I have just finished editing the second story (“The U.M.I. Corp Connection”) in the series and formatting it prior to converting …

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Update For New Volume 2 Cover

Well, Sasha and Diego have been busy on a few projects for me, one of which is the new cover for Volume 2. Volume two continues the story of the first half of the book, where the characters seek out the ruins of the last of the Great Human Kingdoms. The cover depicts those ruins, …

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Volume 2 Cover Update

Well, fresh in from the artists is a little update of the in-progress cover for Maldene Volume 2. Now, obviously since Volume 2 is the second half of the same novel, the cover is going to be somewhat similar. Since the second half of this first book revolves around a certain set of old ruins, …

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Volume TWO!!!

the deal has been set. The cover-art for Maldene Volume 2 is now underway. this means, of course, that you should be seeing the second half of the first Maldene novel quite soon after that. But wait, there’s more. I’d posted a while back about a full-color world map in the works. Well, Sasha and …

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It’s Official!

Well, it’s official. Publish America will no longer handle Maldene. Instead, independent publisher Vault of Knowledge will take over Maldene publication. So, new cover, new publisher, and new ISBN and ordering info. Stay tuned as new details continue to develop.


Publish America will no longer be handling Maldene. Stay tuned for more as things develop. (the Vault will be opening soon…)

The New Cover Is FINISHED!!!

Maldene Volume I

Yes True Believers (Whoops, Stan Lee has that one)… I mean, okay Kids (No, Letterman owns that one)… Okay, how’s about… Okay all you Fantasy Fans, this is it. The new cover for Maldene Volume I is FINISHED! Great praises go out to Sasha and Diego (you’ll find a link to them on the front …

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Latest Cover Update

Well True Believers (okay, so with apologies to Stan Lee, I need to come up with my own tag line for any of you guys out there), I have another cover update. Between sickness, dying laptops and phones, root canals, and a bunch of other stuff there has been much in the way of delays …

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I’ve been blogged… by Jessica Knauss

I was just interviewed for the blog site “Jessica Knauss, Famous Writer”. You can read Jessica’s interview of me over at http://jessicaknauss.blogspot.com/2012/06/interview-with-mark-tierno-author-of.html. You might just find it a little bit of fun.

Artists for new cover chosen

Maldene, volumes 1 and 2, will be getting some new cover art. I just finished up today with them, getting rough sketches going, and it really is going to look a lot better. Should be finished by early Feb. Sasha Palacio and Diego Paz have been a team since High School (with Diego only recently …

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