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Maldene- The BOOK TRAILER!

Yes, I’ve finally gotten a trailer done for the first book of Maldene.  You can view it right HERE or see it on YouTube! It has begun…

Article In Newswire About Yours Truly

It seems as some thoughtful or very impressed person has seen fit to write up an article about me and Maldene. Give it a gander at Newswire.

Looks Like I Need a Book Trailer

Lately I’ve been trying to get more organized in coming up with a gameplan for more properly marketing Maldene, and I’ve naturally concluded that it comes down to the first step being a good book trailer. Well, as you might guess, I’m pretty good with writing the words and imagining what imagery would be required, …

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New Maldene Video: What Makes Maldene Different

Got around to doing another video, this time a video version of my article “What Makes Maldene Different,” where I attempt to answer that question in the expected one-line sound-byte… I failed; there IS no simple answer, but i’ll let the vid say it for me (please forgive the poor production quality- I’m a writer …

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New Xmas Price Specials for Maldene

Well, it’s finally the Christmas Season (I don’t start counting until Dec 1), and time to start handing out presents.  So, here’s mine.  After giving it some long and careful thought, I have reduced the prices of the ebook versions of Maldene Volumes 1 and 2 down to $4.95 each.  Quite a deal now, but …

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What Makes Maldene Different

This is a question I have been asked on occasion, and certainly one you want an answer for if you’re to market a novel, but it is to me the single hardest question to answer. Why, you ask? Because there is no single thing that makes Maldene different. It is a revolution in fantasy, a …

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Major Price Reduction For Fantasy Epic, Maldene!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (9/8/2016) Description: Southern California native Mark Anthony Tierno has crafted a truly epic fantasy novel that will take you to the ends of a world of magic, alien vistas, and ultimate evil. Now the price of both volumes of this first novel in the series have been signficantly reduced. Monrovia, CA, [Sept …

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Maldene Bundle… With Map!

Maldene is the epic of epics, a story so vast that the mere start of it has to be sold in two volumes. But now something is brewing. For the first time, the first Maldene novel is available the way it was written… together. Yes, you can now get Maldene Volumes 1 AND 2 together …

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First Maldene Vid-Log

Well, just thought I’d give this YouTube thing a bit more of a try, so I’ve started with a little quick one listing a couple more factoids about the books.  Just enough to wet your appetite.  That said, you’ll find the vid imbedded below and linked to on the Video Page…  

Maldene Teaser On You-Tube

Well, I’m finally catching up with the times.  I’ve turned my little audio narrative of Chapter One of Maldene into a You-Tube video for viewing by the entire Tube-verse.  So, here goes the embed…

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