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Reviewing Assassin’s Creed

Never played any of the games this movie is based on, so lowly me I actually have to look at this thing purely from the poiont of view of a movie goer. Okay then, here goes. Basically, this film is about a guy who gets kidnapped just when he’s being put to death so he …

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Review- X-Men: Apocalypse

Well, looks like X-Men is really on track now that Marvel is involved, and you can always tell when they are when Stan Lee makes his contracturally mandatory cameo in the flick. ¬†Apocalypse, as it turns out, is really good. ¬†As you remember, Days of Future past left off with Current Day all nice and …

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Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Review

Going into this I fully expected just a bunch of cheeseball zombie fun, but then a strange thing happened… This thing turned out to be a really serious movie. I mean, Oh My God, this is a really great movie; and I don’t just mean a great zombie movie either. Now, I’ve never read Pride …

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