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What Makes Maldene Different

This is a question I have been asked on occasion, and certainly one you want an answer for if you’re to market a novel, but it is to me the single hardest question to answer. Why, you ask? Because there is no single thing that makes Maldene different. It is a revolution in fantasy, a …

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More Guesting

Well, looks like I’ve got another guest post coming up on The Story Reading Ape.  I’ll be on March 19th; I’ll post the link as soon as I have it.

Writing Tips: Elements Of A Great Story

Many writers have their particular strong points. Some are good at crafting a great plot, but are rather basic when it comes to the flow of the words. Others can make the characters come alive but couldn’t dream up a nail-biting plot if their lives depended on it. Still others may be able to craft …

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Writing Tips: Emotion In Your Writing

Ever read a book that just got to you so much you found yourself crying or laughing, or cheering? Of course. Now, as a writer have you ever felt an emotion as you were typing up the scene? What did you do, use it or waste it? A lot of writers might decide to take …

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Writing Tips: The Four Elements

Sometimes writing a good story can be a little bit like alchemy. You need the right mix of things to churn out a truly great story. But what are those basic ingredients? Well, like for the alchemists of old there are four basic elements that every story needs. Descriptive Prose. Dialogue. Character Development. Plot. Descriptive …

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What Makes a Good Writer

A question that has been asked since about the time people first began to write. What is it that makes a good writer? A good author? What is that magic formula that sets great authors apart from everybody else. It may not be as complicated an equation as you think. There are three basic elements …

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Places Of Maldene: Thïr Glomdäitaÿor

Okay, so first you ask what’s with the funky name. The funky name in question is the city-castle of the King. Not just any king, but thee King (notice I spelled it with a Capital “K”), the one guy trying to engineer his own counter-plot to that of Miro by recruiting few heros. Needless to …

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Update December 2013

Just thought I’d update any followers out there about what’s going on in the world of Maldene First off my artists- Sasha and Diego- are hard at work on the new Volume 2 cover. Being as Volume 2 is the second half of the first novel, the cover will have some major similarities with the …

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Characters of Maldene: Shong

Young, reserved, and with the most innate skill with the sword of anyone around, Shong is also friend and fighting buddy to Bronto. Between Bronto’s massive strength and Shong’s hyper precision with the blade, there is nothing this duo can’t stand up against. More than just a normal swordsman, Shong is also part acrobat. He’s …

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I’ve been guest-blogged.

Well, I’ve had a chance to guest post on A Writer’s Tale, a site run by one Scarlet Van Dyk who is a pretty blond that sadly does not even live on the same continent as myself. At any rate, it’s a blog devoted to tips for writers so I gave her a few: my …

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