Entire book online One month only! For the next 30 days, my book- Maldene- will be posted online for all to sample, then with links to where you can buy it if what you see is what you like. Yes, the entire book in one big flash animation, starting with Volume One. So if you want to see Maldene, then just go to You can even tell your friends and let them see for themselves.

New Interview Links Page- June 12, 2011 Another interview done and one more on its way so I created a separate page to handle them. Now go to HERE to link to the read.

The Author gets interviewed- 3/14/11 Read me getting interviewed HERE!!

Maldene Press Release- 5/28/09 Just finally taking a few matters into my own hands, starting with this first of several on-line press releases that I'm trying out. Give it a look.

Epic New Fantasy Book by Mark Anthony Tierno

02/13/09 New Reader review A brand new review from a recent reader now appears at at

02/09/09 AUTHOR EVENT!!! The Little Old Bookshop in Whittier (6708 Greenleaf Ave.) is not only nice enough to have actual physical copies of myt novel on their shelves but will also be having me over there on March 14 at about Noon. I'll be talking up the book, reading a couple of chapters, that sort of thing for a couple hours or so. So anyone in the area, come on over in March!

02/05/09 Reader Comment! Charles off of MySpace finally finished reading Maldene- both volumes- and had some things to say upon finishing Volume Two. So I present, unedited, his exact message to me via MySpace...

Hello, Mark e
Well, now Ieve been through Maldene. The second volume certainly fulfilled the promise of the frist one. Also, the second one was in
regular type, not that dot-matrix of the first book.
I found that you were able to continue juggling the many characters and sub-plots you introduced in the first book. I liked the gradual
evolution of Bronto from brutal barbarian to heir of the eold blood.e It was kind of like watching Conan morph into Aragorn. The
alliances, rivalries and by-play among the characters were also well-done. And your imagination really doesnet seem to have a limit. I
say that as a person who has a pretty good imagination. In lesser hands, all those fight scenes could have started sounding the same. You
were able to add new elements to each one.
I was especially taken with that one bit where Mauklo caused an attackeres skin to crawl off its body. That was a real tour-de-force of a
touch. Am I correct in guessing that you played a lot of D&D in your younger days?
So, these two volumes are a damned good read, and I will let people know about it over on my website. However, there are a couple of
matters that need to be cleared before I do that.
First, is there any guarantee that people who order either volume will not get the dot-matrix version? And if they do get the dot-matrix, can
they exchange it for one thates set in more readable type?
Second, Iem going to have to mention the plague of typos. Just about everything else Iell have to say about the books will be
positive. But Ied be doing a disservice if I didnet mention the typos, which can be a real distraction from the flow of your prose.
Meanwhile, Iell be looking forward to the continuation of your crewes adventures. They have big enough talent and guts to take on
the perils of a big planet.
All the best,

So, there you go!

06/6/08 New Stuff You may have noticed a few additions; there is now a Blog and Forums for Maldene, courtesy MySpace and Lefora respectively. Check them out and start posting.

03/31/08 Reviews! The first couple of reviews have hit the web at Amazon and Barnes And Noble. Find the Volume One review Here and the Volume Two review Here.

12/05/07 Author Event Pictures Well, my first public reading came off; small crowd but at least I didn't stutter (much). Anyway, here's a few pictures of the event. I'm the one holding the book at the center of things. The last picture has my mom in center, my sister on the right, and a neighbor/friend (hi Ed) on the left.

First picture
Second picture
Third picture
Fourth picture
Fifth picture

11/08/07 Update on that December appearance thing. It's at the Santa Catalina branch of the Pasadena Library, on 999 E. Washington Blvd., at 4PM. I will be reading a chapter or two and answering questions, and I'm told refreshments will be served. Hope to see you all there.

10/19/07 Public Appearance! December 1, 2007, I will be at the Central Pasadena Public Library (California). Starting at 4PM, I will first talk about the book, then read a chapter or two, and finally wrap up with some Q and A. More info, and possibly directions, as I get it.

10/7/07 Press Release! A write-up featuring my smiling face and Maldene was released into the LA.COM magazine insert in both the San Gabriel Valley Times and the Pasadena Star News, this day of 10/07/07. View the scan of it here.

09/18/07 Release Date! And the official release date is... October 8, 2007! Spread the word.

08/27/07 This afternoon, someplace around 7PM or so, it arrived. My copies of my book, Volumes One and Two. Yipee!

08/27/07 Just confirmed, amongst the brick-and-mortar stores the books will be available at are Barnes and Nobles! Maldene will also be available not just from East to West coast U.S., but in 13 other countries around the world!!

Also confirmed, is the new site; new features are already being worked on by a really spiff Coder that will make this into a full-featured Fan Site, so keep watching this page.

08/23/07 The official Press Release just came in, normally just for release to the papers but here's a copy in case anyone wants to spread it around...

For Immediate Release
Contact: Batya Toso, Public Relations

PublishAmerica Presents Maldene: Volumes One and Two by Mark Anthony Tierno

Frederick, MD August 21, 2007 -- PublishAmerica is proud to present Maldene: Volumes One and Two by Mark Anthony Tierno of Monrovia, California.

Maldene is a world of magic and ancient secrets, but one under the dark shadow of a powerful wizard named Miro, whom it is said even the gods fear. His true goals are the stuff of centuries-long conjecture. Into this, Sabu and Eldar lead a band of mercenaries for the alleged reason of raiding one of Miro s old, abandoned labs, yet several in this group have ulterior motives. For Sabu and Eldar, this would be what a blind, old, gold-skinned gypsy had told them about a destiny and the third of their number they would meet. Making it through the hazards of this old facility only starts them on a road that will take them across the farthest reaches of Maldene, through it all ever the dark hand of Miro in evidence. Everywhere save with a mysterious king who seems the only one willing to stand up against the forces of Miro, as Sabu and Eldar find that they and their companions have been recruited for a battle against the most evil being ever known.

Tierno lives in his hometown of Monrovia, California, the recipient of a master's in physics and a second degree in math. A lifelong reader of fantasy and sci-fi, he finally set his own imagination to paper with the help of his trusty old Amiga computer. His most joyful hobby is writing books like this.

PublishAmerica is the home of 20,000 talented authors. PublishAmerica is a traditional publishing company whose primary goal is to encourage and promote the works of new, previously undiscovered writers. Like more mainstream publishers, PublishAmerica pays its authors advances and royalties, makes its books available in both the United States and Europe through all bookstores, and never charges any fees for its services. PublishAmerica offers a distinctly personal, supportive alternative to vanity presses and less accessible publishers.


08/20/07 Just got the final version of the Volume 2 cover, and it's perfect! This cover will appear on all later prints of Volume 2 (whenever the first ones run out, so start buying!), but in the meantime have a look.

Click here for the final Volume 2 cover

08/13/07 The books are at the printers! Two weeks and I get my own personal copies, and a couple of months and they'll reach the shelves.

08/03/07 Well, here's the first piece of news for the book that I get to post here. The covers are coming in, specifically the Volume 1 cover. I made a jpeg grab of it just to post here, so see what you think.

Click here for the Volume 1 cover

08/03/07- later that same day Guess what? The volume 2 cover just came in so here it is!

8/16/07- UPDATED!!! The final Volume 2 cover is now here.

Click here for Volume 2 cover