The Story Of Maldene

the bad guy

The story starts out simple enough; adventurers seeking wealth. Only, some of the would-be adventurers have quite different things in mind; spurred on by a past meeting with a mysterious gold-skinned fortune-teller, they seek a fate that will bring them up against the most notorious evil ever to exist. They are virtual innocents in the eyes of the world, though soon to find out the way the world really works or die trying.

Miro is a legendary evil, perhaps man perhaps part god, no one really knows. All that is known is that stories of him go as far back as any civilization and that he still lives, plotting for a conquest that only he can fully know of.

No amount of force can seem to thwart Miro, no mind can out-plot him, and yet it may be up to these adventuring innocents to set the seeds for the final battle against such a vile evil.

Or were they the seeds that someone else long ago set? Someone perhaps planning their own designs against Miro, long these many centuries...

Humor, adventure, magic, eccentric characters, and plot twists and turns enough to keep you guessing from one volume to the next. Maldene has it all and more, for the first book is not the last but only the beginning of a plot that will enthrall you.

Want to see just a little bit of it? Want to see a small teaser of this vast epic? Well then here's a look at the first chapter, including the prologue stuff that comes before it. Just click here. I hope you enjoy it enough to go buy the full two-volume novel.

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