The World Of Maldene

A world of magic, a world of mystery and ancient secrets, a world several times larger than Earth at the center of a galaxy farther away than any Earthly telescope could ever reach. Three large moons orbit it, themselves a mystery for nowhere on this planet can you ever see more or less than just one of the moons.

This is a world of extremes, of strange places and sights, of a vast array of cultures and peoples. Tedelnosho, the Great Desert, The Harbor Of the World, and the ruins left from the long-dead Human Kingdoms of Catho. Dwarves, Elves, K˙ecians, Destir, Thirdocians, and of course Humans. When it comes to variety in sights, Maldene has no lack.

Care for a bit more color? The back of this and all sequels have a series of appendices. An alphabet, a dictionary of the occasional native words used in the narrative, and other pieces of information designed to bring the world to life. Even a world-map. This is a world with at least as much personality as the characters that travel it.

The world of Maldene is just that- an entire world. This fact is always in my mind as I write my stories, considering how the effects of what the characters do will affect other events in the world. After a time this tends to make for a complex narration, but those are often the only kind worth reading. The reader will never tire for lack of local color, life, or culture. From the Elven Islands to the continent of My-Thov, this is a world fit for an epic.

Come, See Maldene.