Ordering Maldene

So, I got you interested? You want to order a copy or two of the first book of Maldene? Well, here's how to do it.

First, and probably easiest, there's online. Amazon is always a safe bet though there are others. You'll find both volumes here.

Or failing Amazon, there's always a copy at old reliable Barnes And Noble.

Or, you could go to your local bookstore and pick up a copy; you'll have to bug them a lot since no one's stocking it on their shelves, but they can order it. Barnes And Noble is always a good bet, but feel free to try others. Remember, this novel is in two volumes (and I guarantee you'll be wanting them both), so just give them the titles and ISBN numbers like so:

Maldene- Volume One. ISBN 1-4241-6515-6

Maldene- Volume Two. ISBN 1-4241-9030-4

Of course, if you want to order mass quantities for your own bookstore or something, you can always order direct from my publisher at: Publish America; just type "Maldene" into the Search string.

Just remember, I do not take orders myself; I am the writer, not the retailer. Just use one of the venues above to get your copies of Maldene.

So just bug a book store to carry it then start reading. You'll love it!