The Characters Of Maldene

Maldene has a world full of characters, from the sublime to anything but the mundane. A vast array of personalities, goals, heroes, and villains. Literally dozens of main characters in just the first book alone, each with their own, sometimes eccentric, personality. Herein I will list but a very few of them, give a small view into their personalities and eccentricities, but bear in mind these are but a few of the world of characters to be encountered in Maldene.

The Characters

Eldar If Chutzpa has a personification this would be it. An Elf whose friendly venturous nature could not be stopped were Death himself to stare him in the face, he is always ready with a smile and witty reply in the midst of even dire circumstances.
Sabu Some people will look up at a passing cloud and tell you what it resembles, others will tell you when it might rain; Sabu will look up at a cloud and give you an equation detailing its every movement, formation, and possible course that it will drift along. A young wizard with more concern for the intellect than the world around him, his bravery in the face of danger is perhaps better due to his lack of connection with events around him as he takes an often frustratingly intellectual approach to everything.
Sindar Another wizard, fairly shy and reclusive and not quite Sabu’s equal, it may be his budding psychic abilities that will soon shine brightest.
Bronto Every tale of fantasy needs a strong guy, and Bronto is the one for Maldene. Not stupid by any means, he is almost as friendly and jolly as he is strong, and always keeps an eye towards the aspects of real life that his wizard friend Sabu tends to often overlook.
Kilgar But a boy in stature, yet displaying a practical wisdom and skill in combat seemingly well beyond his years but for the fact of his ancestry. An orphan
of the desert race the Destir, Kilgar’s people are legendary for their survival abilities.
Candol A priest of the “all mighty Indra”, when dealing with him your fate is literally a matter of chance as he tosses his coin to make his big decisions. Of course, the fact that his coin has a habit of landing on its side when faced with more than two possible choice may have one wondering just how random things can be.
Blag-ak A minor character but a fun one. With the intelligence of a small stone and the strength of- well, this guy is an ogre- we find in him both loyalty to his new comrades and obvious comedy relief. But what does he do with all those old skulls hanging around his belt?
Po-Adar It has been said that Po-Adar is the one of whom Chaos himself would remark “That guy’s Nuts!” His motivations stem entirely from his own unique perspective and are usually a complete mystery to any sane person.
The King Little is known about this mysterious magical King, except that he works for the final defeat of Miro and is always the first to take any risk he might assign to those that fight under him.
Miro Absolute Evil. Some call him a wizard, but even the Gods fear him. What his real plans are, no one knows; only that he has power enough to have conquered the world several times over yet, throughout thousands of years people have known of him, he has never done so. Absolute evil, ultimate power, and pure cunning, there is never any telling if even by winning a battle against him that one might not have just fallen into a trap plotted by Miro long before you were even born.

Interested yet?  Come on, you know you want it.  Well, if you want to see what the face of pure evil looks like (that would be Miro, not the author), then Get Into Maldene.

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