Who is Inspector Flaatphut?

Believe it or not, I have written something other than a boat-load of Maldene books (enough to keep any three publishers busy for about a full decade, but more later), and amongst them are my Inspector Flaatphut stories.  These are the fun little stories that I write between the big epics; nothing to do with Maldene, and of a completely different genre.

Inspector Flaatphut is more in the way of anthropomorphic cetective noir cyberpunk, done tongue-in-cheek.  The first short story, Project Looking Glass, was done way back when for a friend’s failed fanzine.  It died but I kept up with the stories because people loved reading them and I loved writing them.  Okay, so that said, just what are they about.  well, let’s set the stage with the original Author’s Note that goes with Project Looking Glass…

Author’s Note:  The Atomic Horrors and Great Quakes of the late Twentieth Century combined with the Great Pollution Waves of the Early Twenty First produced a tired and dirty world badly in need of a new work-force.  Thus were born the genetic up-lifts of the early Twenty-First Century, as species after species was uplifted into sentience to stand alongside Man in his quest for dominance and greed over an already ravaged world.  It is in this setting that the following tale takes place…

The rest you’ll just have to discover for yourself by reading it.  You may have noticed that the first two Flaatphut stories are up in the ordering section and scratched your heads about what they are.  Now you know.  So, go to Ordering or just click something below (ebooks only for these).


Project Looking Glass

Project Looking Glass

UMI Corp

The U.M.I. Corp. Connection

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