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Tips and advise for those wanting to become good storytellers.

Writing Tips: Elements Of A Great Story Many writers have their particular strong points. Some are good at crafting a great plot, but are rather basic when it comes to the flow of the words. Others can make the characters come alive but couldn’t dream up a nail-biting plot if their lives depended on it. Still others may be able to craft …

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Writing Tips: Emotion In Your Writing

go to site Ever read a book that just got to you so much you found yourself crying or laughing, or cheering? Of course. Now, as a writer have you ever felt an emotion as you were typing up the scene? What did you do, use it or waste it? A lot of writers might decide to take …

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Writing Tips: The Four Elements Sometimes writing a good story can be a little bit like alchemy. You need the right mix of things to churn out a truly great story. But what are those basic ingredients? Well, like for the alchemists of old there are four basic elements that every story needs. Descriptive Prose. Dialogue. Character Development. Plot. Descriptive …

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What Makes a Good Writer

writing essays in college A question that has been asked since about the time people first began to write. What is it that makes a good writer? A good author? What is that magic formula that sets great authors apart from everybody else. It may not be as complicated an equation as you think. There are three basic elements … Continue reading »

Characters of Maldene: Lindel

One of the secondary characters in our main group is an elf named Lindel. With the bow he is unsurpassed, able to hit just about anything that he can see. That would be normal enough for a fantasy world elven archer on steroids, but Maldene has a bit of the real world in it. Like …

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Writing Tips: Eccentric Characters

Every story has them, or at least every GOOD story has them. That one eccentric character with the quirk or odd way of behaving that draws him out to the reader’s eyes. A character that adds flavor and some fun to the telling of the tale. The eccentric character. First let’s clear something up. Eccentric …

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Writing Tips: What Is The Right Length For A Story

A question that has come up in many discussion groups is, how long should a story be? Some stories barely breach the definition of a novel at 80,000 words while others could challenge Harry Potter for sheer heft. So then, what Is the right length? The short answer is that a story is only as …

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Writing Tips: Multiple POVs in an Epic Story

Writing an epic story takes a lot of planning, and by epic I’m talking something that spans multiple novels, has scenes that take place all over the world in question (or even on multiple worlds, where applicable), and has more than one major event taking place at the same time. Telling such a story requires …

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What Defines Epic Fantasy

Recently I saw a discussion online asking what makes Epic Fantasy. Of course I posted my onw opinion- being the author of something that is easily considered epic in scope- and one or two of the responses seemed a bit… limiting. One answer was along the lines of basing Epic Fantasy very strictly on Tolkein, …

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Writing Tips: Passion In Your Writing

No matter what type of story, book, genre, or subject you wish to write about, be it short story, epic series, or self-help book, above and beyond ALL other good tips for writing, there is one piece of advice that rules them all, and that is Passion. You MUST have passion in your writing. So, …

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