So I thought I’d add a page for any video content I generated.  It started with the first (and only) video version of Interviews From the Stars, staring Reba Haws, but then I decided to start adding some book video log stuff, the video versions of some of my writing tips, and whatever else comes to mind. So here ya’ go, new ones at the top.


Here’s a video version of my article, “What Makes Maldene Different,” where I attempt to answer that very question (hint:  no simple answer)…


Next up is from my Writing Tips series, just a video version of what I’ve written before. All about passion in your writing…

The first Maldene Vid-log, with just a couple of tidbits about the book.


Our first entry was the first ever (and only) Interview From The Stars. In this, anchorwoman Reba Hawbs interviews- or tries to, at least- that somewhat off elf, Eldar of Maldene. So give it a view and hope I got the embed right.

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