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Interview From The Stars: Reba Haws Interviews Lorel

Much to the bewilderment of Miss Reba Haws, it turns out that her contract allows us to call her back for these interviews any darn time that we want.  THIS time, however, she wanted to get an advanced peek at just what she was about to get involved with, so we showed her a few …

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A Day in the Life of a Self-Made Novelist

Okay, so I suppose the first question would be, what do I mean by “self-made”. Well, technically I’m still in the process of “making”, but generally it refers to the fact that everything after High School English classes that I learned about writing and storytelling I taught myself from simply reading. And having an imagination …

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A Little Maldene Xmas Story

Ever wonder if Santa was an alien from another planet? I did a number of years ago, and so wrote up my own little 4-page short story on the matter back in 1988. This, then, is the video of me reciting that story… Happy Holidays!

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Review- Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Another of my very infrequent reviews here, inspired by the fact that Last Jedi is head over heels better than Force Awakens and obviously designed to make up for that piece of children’s vomit and straighten out a few details of Abrams that the new director (and half of fandom) apparently didn’t like too much. …

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Maldene Name Generator

There’s a lot of name generators out there. You know the kind: Pick from list ‘A’ for the first letter of your name then from list ‘B’ for the month you were born. That sort of thing. So, I thought I’d come up with my own Maldene name generator. Only it doesn’t involve lists. You …

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New Video Blog- What It Takes To Write An Epic Story

Hey there, trying to get more into making some blogs, so here for your sacrificial dead-bird day, is one on what it takes to craft one of those multi-book epic stories.  You know, like Maldene… or some others of mine you’ve all yet to see.  Okay, enough; I’ll let the guy in the tee-shirt do …

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The Night Before Generic Holiday

I know I can’t be the only one tired of overlapping holidays produced by overactive marketing departments, so to interject a little humor into this madness, I’ve tweaked the popular old Night Before Christmas just a little bit.  So below I now present my effort at “the Night Before Generic Holiday”…   ‘Twas the night …

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Interview From The Stars: Candol

Interview From The Stars Reba Haws Interviews Candol   After a very long time away for some “vacation time” at the Bellevue Institute For Mental Stability, our intrepid reporter Reba Haws has agreed to do one more interview for our show (we imagine the increased paycheck didn’t hurt either).  So here we go with Reba …

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Who Says What

Certain characters will speak in certain ways, say certain types of things; that’s universal for any good book. What I thought I’d do here is go a little bit through my thought processes of how I decide who says what types of lines. Does Eldar say it? Sabu? Mauklo? Consider this little flow chart that …

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