Welcome to the epic story of Maldene, a world that straddles the border between Fantasy and Science, where wizards and warriors can meet with visitors from other planets in their efforts to combat the greatest of all evils- an incarnation of Evil named Miro.

Maldene is a complete and unique world, with a story that takes you from one continent to another, through a variety of cultures, to sights ranging the whole of this vast world.  From the dangerous Funnel Storms common to the Equatorial regions, to the ancient urban areas of the mammoth Harbor Of The World, and past Nature’s greatest oddity, the never-ending Tedelnosho- The Great Whirlpool.
No mere epic, this is a story that goes far beyond. Across the planet of Maldene, to other worlds, and through far-flung dimensions, in a story that spans thousands of years in its telling.

“Tierno… has created a story that fills a huge, sprawling canvas…”
-Charles R. Saunders, author of the Imaro and Dossouye novels

The characters start out with simple enough goals, little realizing their ignorant bliss of the true nature of the real world will soon end. The world is not only far larger and far stranger than they or anyone else had ever thought, but the nature of true evil plots deeper than even the gods themselves might have ever feared. For even as a mysterious King recruits a band of potential heroes to assist him in fighting the dreaded Miro, the evil wizard himself has already planned for their eventuality… hundreds of years before they were even born. Worse yet, he is counting on their success.

A world complete, even with its own language, history, and a thousand little details to lend to the belief that this could be a real world. Upon turning the first page of Volume One, you are immersed in an alien world as real as the one in which you live. For this is more than a mere story, more than any epic you have ever seen or read. Maldene is in a class all by itself.

“A World beyond time… an adventure beyond imagining.”
-Anonymous reader of Maldene

Interested? Want to hear more? Then gaze through this site for some tantalizing glimpses into the characters, the world, and the story of Maldene. Or better yet, if you want a copy for your very own you can go direct to the Ordering page.

Well, enough of that. Follow the links and enjoy!

What else is on this site:

  • Author Talk: My weekly interview series with other authors. You can listen in on it LIVE; just go to the Author Talk Page.
  • Writing Tips: Look through my posts and you will see one category labeled “Writing Tips”. These are just what the name says, little tips for the would-be writer.
  • Plot Talk: My other series of articles is where I give little glimpses into the world of Maldene. Sometimes it’s one of the characters, others it might be one of the many unique vistas about the world in which I write.

Interview From The Stars: Po-Adar

Interview From The Stars Reba Haws Interviews Po-Adar   Today Reba Haws interviews that wizard of questionable sanity, Po-Adar. The one of whom Lord Chaos has said, “That guy’s nuts!”, his role in the unfolding events of Maldene seems a bit murky at best.  So join us as Reba tries to get to the bottom …

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Interview From The Stars- Shong

Interview From The Stars Reba Haws interviews ShongToday has as its guest that highly skilled swordsman, Shong. As able with the blade as any, able to face up against dragon and all manner of terrible beasts. All save, perhaps, but one… Reba Haws (RH): Welcome to our show, Mister Shong. I hear that you …

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Interview From The Stars: Mauklo

Interview From The Stars Reba Haws interviews Mauklo   Today has as its guest another one of Sabu and Eldar’s associates from Maldene, Mauklo.  So join with us on this print edition of Interview From The Stars as Reba Haws tries to get to the bottom of his motives.   Reba Haws (RH):  Welcome …

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Interview From The Stars- Sabu

Interview From The Stars Reba Haws interviews SabuToday is very lucky to have with us Sabu, direct from Maldene via a fortuitous dimensional portal. So join with us on this print edition of Interview From The Stars as Reba Haws gets a few words out of Eldar’s brainy buddy, Sabu. Reba Haws (RH): Welcome …

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