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Reviewing Assassin’s Creed Never played any of the games this movie is based on, so lowly me I actually have to look at this thing purely from the poiont of view of a movie goer. Okay then, here goes. Basically, this film is about a guy who gets kidnapped just when he’s being put to death so he … college essay writing service Continue reading »

Reviewing Passengers Deep space passengr liner/colony ship is going along and someone wakes up a few decades too early: looked lik a good setup in th commercials, right? right? Okay, first, what’s okay: Wll, it has emotional content and lots of neato looking sciency tech stuff. Now for what’s wrong: Pretty much all the rest, but I’ll …

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Rogue One Review research essay on to kill a mockingbird Okay, so I saw Rogue One, and I must say i really liked it- both for the story, effects, and the miracle they pulled of bringing dead actors back to life. Through a combintation of doubles, computer wizardry, old vocal tracks, and a remarkable attention to detail, you have Peter Cushing as the old Grand … literature review on job satisfaction Continue reading »

Movie Review: Dr. Strange I’ve never had a chance to really read comics but I have seen every comic-book-inspired TV series and movie that came out since I was 3… including the first attempt at Dr. Strange on TV back in the 70s.  Always wanted to see a lot more of him.  In fact, my user name around the …

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Review: Independence Day Resurgence

Twenty years to wait for a sequel? I think that ties it with the Star wars prequels; really long time. But, the bit question… is it worth it? Is ID4-2 what we might have hoped for? Or will it just be like the newer Star Wars movie where someone decides that all they need is …

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Review- X-Men: Apocalypse

Well, looks like X-Men is really on track now that Marvel is involved, and you can always tell when they are when Stan Lee makes his contracturally mandatory cameo in the flick.  Apocalypse, as it turns out, is really good.  As you remember, Days of Future past left off with Current Day all nice and …

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Captain America Civil War

There are two ways of doing this review. The short way (“This movie was GREAT! the End.”) or the long way (insert three rambling pages here), but i’ll try to find a middle ground by just commenting on some highlights. Battle at the airport: The bits of it you’ve see in the trailers don’t even …

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Gods of Egypt

So I know a bit about mythology- big fan. And even know a bit about Egyptian Mythology, which is why I went to see Gods of Egypt. Now, I’ve see a rreview on another sight and the guy hated it, but I found htis thing rather enjoyable. Get past some of the spotty acting, but …

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Dead Pool Breaks 16 Walls

That subject line will make perfect sense once you see this movie, and you will because we all like the occasional dose of good dark humor, and wise-cracking superheroes. Never seen the comics, but I’ve been told enough of them from some experts to realize that this Dead Pool is faithful to the comics in …

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Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Review

Going into this I fully expected just a bunch of cheeseball zombie fun, but then a strange thing happened… This thing turned out to be a really serious movie. I mean, Oh My God, this is a really great movie; and I don’t just mean a great zombie movie either. Now, I’ve never read Pride …

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