Captain America Civil War

There are two ways of doing this review. The short way (“This movie was GREAT! the End.”) or the long way (insert three rambling pages here), but i’ll try to find a middle ground by just commenting on some highlights.

Battle at the airport: The bits of it you’ve see in the trailers don’t even BEGIN to give you an idea of how awesome this is (and how often have you heard me using the word “awesome”?). Not just the one-on-one super battles, but what I would do as a writer in such a situation- get inventive of how they use their various powers.

Plot pacing: All 2 and a half hours of this film move along at a pretty good clip;.not bogged down by needless origin replays because they assume that you’ve seen the previous movies and are already invested. Yes, you’ll have to have already seen all the previous Marvel films, but so what? You mean you haven’t already?

Most economical character reboot ever: All those previous 5 Spiderman movies by Sony, including TWO reboots? Gone and forgotten. Instead, Starke has the guy on film and has no trouble tracking him down to recruit him. He finds the kid who is Spidey, a few months after his origin, with no explanation given as to “Oh, here’s how I got my spider powers” and any of that because, quite simply, the entire comic-going planet already knows all that to death; it’s only about the most well-known origin story outside of Superman and Batman that there is. Just a quick one line “Yeah well, it’s been a few months and it’s a long story”, some footage that Starke caught of the kid in action, and we’re all good. then Spidey get’s his time next to rthe big guys, then when his time is done he’s done. Next we see is a mentionin the end credits of “Spiderman will return”. great!

All the rest: I’m trying REAL hards not to do a multi-page rambling here, so just suffice to say that this movie works on all levels, has a lot of drama, both big and little, and continues on with the multi-movie plot format that has been doing marvel so great the last several years. DC, you got a LOT of catching up to do.

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