Reviewing Passengers

Deep space passengr liner/colony ship is going along and someone wakes up a few decades too early: looked lik a good setup in th commercials, right?
Okay, first, what’s okay: Wll, it has emotional content and lots of neato looking sciency tech stuff.
Now for what’s wrong: Pretty much all the rest, but I’ll make a list.
First off, while it does have an asteroid deflection shield- that works only from th front- while going through an amazing density of space rocks in interstellar space- and while it has a capable auto pilot- said autopilot seems unable to make a simple cours correction when a really big asteroid is on a direct collission course. But, since that invoplved the set-up as to how th ship gts damaged in the first place, we’ll move on…
Next, this is probably the single worst design ship in all of space. No backup systems, no contingency for waking up the crew to fix something when it goes wrong, and once they’re awake, no means of putting them back to sleep again… save with the only autodoc unit on the entire ship.
Oh yes, ONE autodoc for 5000 people?! That must be just to have the artificial “only one of us can get back to sleep again” choice. Anyone thought of squeezing in two people to the same unit?
The company behind this colony ship has apparently been doing this before, for the last few hundred years, so it begs the question: 400 years of colonizing planets and nobody’s been able to come up with a better star drive in all that time?
There are a lot of flaws in this, big logic defying ones who’s only purpose seems mandated by a hamstrung plot put out by one of limited imagination and intellectual capacity. A downs-syndrome Ferengi could have strung together a better plot.
I could probably go on, because th more i think back to the film the more I can find wrong with it, but I’ve wasted enough time on it for one day.

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