RIP Carrie Fisher

I don’t do obits or any of that entertainment magazine type stuff, but my God there are just some things that just call you to say something about it and I might as well do it here. The year 2016 has called several big names to their eternal rest, but it seems the year was not about to bow out without taking away one more really BIG one.
On a recent plane trip, at the age of 60 actress Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack that proved ultimately fatal. Now for many years I’d heard rumors of possible drug and alcohol problems on her part, and looking at her in the Force Awakens one can easilty believe her to be at least ten years older than her actual age would warrant. For myself, I’d hoped I was wrong and that my eyes were playing tricks on me, but it seems that whatever she did to abuse her body caught up with her many years too soon. Maybe this could be a lesson to others to take better care of themselves, but that’s another subject.
She was one of the legends of Star Wars, an ingrained part of our modern age and pop culture, one of those people that we thought we’d still have for many years yet to come. Everyone remembers the defiant edge she gave to Princess Leia Organa, we all smile every time we think of that slave-girl outfit (and the ever-burning question of the time, did she have any underwear beneath it), and any convention she showed up at the house would be packed.
I leave it to the pros to review her career and life; I’m just here to mourn her passing. Carrie Fisher is one with the Force now, and may we ever remember its light that we saw shining through her.

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