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Review- Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Another of my very infrequent reviews here, inspired by the fact that Last Jedi is head over heels better than Force Awakens and obviously designed to make up for that piece of children’s vomit and straighten out a few details of Abrams that the new director (and half of fandom) apparently didn’t like too much. …

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RIP Carrie Fisher

I don’t do obits or any of that entertainment magazine type stuff, but my God there are just some things that just call you to say something about it and I might as well do it here. The year 2016 has called several big names to their eternal rest, but it seems the year was …

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Rogue One Review

Okay, so I saw Rogue One, and I must say i really liked it- both for the story, effects, and the miracle they pulled of bringing dead actors back to life. Through a combintation of doubles, computer wizardry, old vocal tracks, and a remarkable attention to detail, you have Peter Cushing as the old Grand …

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