Rogue One Review

Okay, so I saw Rogue One, and I must say i really liked it- both for the story, effects, and the miracle they pulled of bringing dead actors back to life. Through a combintation of doubles, computer wizardry, old vocal tracks, and a remarkable attention to detail, you have Peter Cushing as the old Grand Moff, all the old familiar faces gathered round the rebellion table, and even an unexpected cameo near the early part of the movie.

Fiorst the cameo: remember the classic cantina scene and the pair that gave Luke trouble before Old Ben took off both of one guy’s arms? Well, this being a short time before the first film- one of the characters literally bumps into them somewhat briefly. Love it!

The rest… well, it makes for a perfect interface between the original Star wars and the Clone Wars cartoom series. Yes, you heard me right, because they took one little bit from from them, specifically concerning the Khyber crystals found in light sabers, and used them in a way that only adds to the mythology and explains how the Death Star is so powerful.

This would be the first Star Wars pic whose music is not done by John Williams, but then considering how many SW projects Disney has in mind, even the Legend himself can do only so much. it’s also the first with no opening scrawl to explain things, but then this is not in the mainline sequence, and who on this planet doesn’t know what this is leading up to?

The story is exactly what it needs to be, with the stakes, all-powerful Empire forces, and even a bit of Vader using his light saber to deflect blaster bolts as casual as you please. There’s a whole lot I could go on about, but that would be spoiling too much. Just go see this on a big screen.


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