Review: Independence Day Resurgence

Twenty years to wait for a sequel? I think that ties it with the Star wars prequels; really long time. But, the bit question… is it worth it? Is ID4-2 what we might have hoped for? Or will it just be like the newer Star Wars movie where someone decides that all they need is a much bigger death star? I mean, yes this thing has a bigger badder alien ship (you know that much from the trailers), and some returning characters, but for the rest…?

Well, in that as I type this I’m still looking down on the Earth from up here on Cloud 9 where that movie sent me, then heck yeah I think it’s worth it! We see the world as what you might expect two decades after an alien attack, making use of their technology, coming together, and getting everything into shape. People have changed over the ensuing time, as has the world, and they’ve been getting defenses in place with a menace from outside our world in mind for a change. Of course, if they were truly ready then we wouldn’t have a plot, now would we?

Once this thing starts into high gear then there’s nothing stopping it. Bill Pulman gets to make another big speech, offspring of past heros bond, and I must say that once Brent Spiner’s character wakes up that allong really charges up the film for me! He’s like a kid in a toy store where all the toys are real.

Great summer fare, nice to hear bits of the old score again worked into the new soundtrack, and I came out of this smiling and skipping down the street (well, maybe not quite on the skipping).

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