Movie Review: Dr. Strange

I’ve never had a chance to really read comics but I have seen every comic-book-inspired TV series and movie that came out since I was 3… including the first attempt at Dr. Strange on TV back in the 70s.  Always wanted to see a lot more of him.  In fact, my user name around the Net for about the last 26 years has been Dr.Strange (as dubbed on me by some friends that thought I was both really smart and a little strange, but that’s another story).  Anyway, I had my fingers crossed and hoped that marvel could keep up their successful pace.

And they have!

Origin story?  Check.  The whole Steven Strange look?  Check.  Visuals and magic stuff?  Double check!

The best way of summing up, is when Harry Porry grows up then this is the ‘real world” he gets to enter.  The pacing and build up in crisis is correct, villians and threat level is good, and we see enough of Dr. Strange’s magical world to keep us wanting more… which I definitely do.  This film was great.

But, does it connect up with the Avengers end of things?  Well, as usual, for that you have to stay through all of the end credits, and i mean ALL of them because there are TWO epilogue scenes tucked away in there and you need to see them both.

But the very best part of this film?  The line at the end of the creditds thyat says “Dr. Strange Will Be Back”.  Can’t wait.

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