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Interview From The Stars: Candol

Interview From The Stars Reba Haws Interviews Candol   After a very long time away for some “vacation time” at the Bellevue Institute For Mental Stability, our intrepid reporter Reba Haws has agreed to do one more interview for our show (we imagine the increased paycheck didn’t hurt either).  So here we go with Reba …

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Nearing readiness for the Big ‘PUSH’

Well, it’s getting close. I just have to make sure I got the ad right before I start splashing it around everywhere, so this is where you guys come in. I’ve got it down to what you might call a one-sheet ad wrapped into a pdf for ease of posting. I’ve pasted it in below, …

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Maldene On The Market

Well, so I’m going to be taking a crack at this Marketing thing. Of course, that’s bit like asking a monk advice for picking up girls; he might know in theory but his application is going to really bite wind. I mean, I’m the guy that in job interviews of many years past actually volunteered …

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The Scope of Maldene (or, How Much Story Are You Getting For Your Money)

Ya’ know, I probably should have mentioned this a lot earlier, but hey I’m a novelist not a salesman, and it’s much easier to see how big a print book is than an electronic one. Anyway, it occured to me that I haven’t said how long the first book is. I mean, most ebooks being …

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Review: Dead Men Tell No Tales

First off, I loved it (espeically after #4).  It had the humor, the ridiculous situations, and while we didn’t see too much of Orlando Bloom or Kierra Knightly, the plot does coem full circle to wrap things up for those characters.  Now, for those haters that want to pout and complain that this movie disappoints, …

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Maldene- The BOOK TRAILER!

Yes, I’ve finally gotten a trailer done for the first book of Maldene.  You can view it right HERE or see it on YouTube! It has begun…

Article In Newswire About Yours Truly

It seems as some thoughtful or very impressed person has seen fit to write up an article about me and Maldene. Give it a gander at Newswire.

RIP Carrie Fisher

I don’t do obits or any of that entertainment magazine type stuff, but my God there are just some things that just call you to say something about it and I might as well do it here. The year 2016 has called several big names to their eternal rest, but it seems the year was …

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One Million Hits!

Hey, just noticed- has passed its millionth hit. Yay!

New Maldene Video: What Makes Maldene Different

Got around to doing another video, this time a video version of my article “What Makes Maldene Different,” where I attempt to answer that question in the expected one-line sound-byte… I failed; there IS no simple answer, but i’ll let the vid say it for me (please forgive the poor production quality- I’m a writer …

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