Review: Dead Men Tell No Tales

First off, I loved it (espeically after #4).  It had the humor, the ridiculous situations, and while we didn’t see too much of Orlando Bloom or Kierra Knightly, the plot does coem full circle to wrap things up for those characters.  Now, for those haters that want to pout and complain that this movie disappoints, may I point to the bani robbery bit at the beginning where Captain Jack Sparrow robbed a bank… without spoiling anything, this comes out a bit more literally that you might first think (I saw this bit once in an old cartoon when I was a kid but never since).  Overall I found myself laughing, applauding, even getting a bit misty-eyed towards the end.  has some of this been done before?  Sure, and it’s no replacement for any of the first three, though it builds upon them, but it’s still enjoyable.  I just thought it was a really fun movie.

Oh, and stay all the way through the end credits because there is a little something at the very end.

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