Dead Pool Breaks 16 Walls

That subject line will make perfect sense once you see this movie, and you will because we all like the occasional dose of good dark humor, and wise-cracking superheroes. Never seen the comics, but I’ve been told enough of them from some experts to realize that this Dead Pool is faithful to the comics in every way… including breaking the proverbial 4th wall buy talking to the camera and theatre audience in front of other characters in the movie. The tone is set by the opening credits, and not since Monty Python and the Holy Grail have I seen a funnier set of them. I saw this thing in a full audience and everyone was howlign with laughter… including myself, which is unusual because so few comedies are actually funny, and this superheroish flick certainly beat them. Ryan Renolds is Dead Pool, and I think that if he ever wants to go into strictly comedy movies, that he could shove Will Ferrel out of whatever slot he thinks he’s in a do a lot better job.

This movie is funny and action-packed, but is definitely a hard R. Limbs flying, heads tossed through the air to hit other heads, and the first solid Collassus we’ve seen outside of the animated series of the 90s- about the only fault I can fidn with this film actually concerns the trailers, in that they reveal a bit too much. For instance, the young girl that you see doing the fiery charge next to Colossus? that was actually the big revealm in the last third of the movie as tom what her power was. Trailer guys: Rule 1- Never, EVER, put in any clips from the last half hour or so of a given movie. I don’t care how tempted you may be.

All in all? See it in a theatre with a big audience and you’ll all have a bunch of fun.

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