Looks Like I Need a Book Trailer

Lately I’ve been trying to get more organized in coming up with a gameplan for more properly marketing Maldene, and I’ve naturally concluded that it comes down to the first step being a good book trailer. Well, as you might guess, I’m pretty good with writing the words and imagining what imagery would be required, but graphic art is not my thing. I wrote up a script, found a one-minute piece of music that’s perfect, but… I can’t draw, nor can I really afford to shell out any money for some artwork to insert into the video.

Which brings me to my request. If there is anyone out there who wouldn’t mind doing some graphics for a book trailer for little more than some exposure or perhaps a promise and a prayer, or anyone who has an idea or two or knows someone who knows someone, then by all means contact me. Anywhere you see this post echoed just make reply, or go to the original posting at www.maldene.com and say something in the comments section to this post.

Thank-you ahead of time.

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