Who Says What

Certain characters will speak in certain ways, say certain types of things; that’s universal for any good book. What I thought I’d do here is go a little bit through my thought processes of how I decide who says what types of lines. Does Eldar say it? Sabu? Mauklo? Consider this little flow chart that goes through my head as I type. Enjoy.

  • Is it something flippant: Eldar says it.
  • Intellectualizing and possibly borderline neurotic: Give it to Sindar.
  • REALLY intellectualizing to the point of ignorance of current circumstance: Sabu, of course.
  • No more than four words to a sentence, and none of it grammatically correct: Blag-ak, the ogre.
  • Brave-sounding, wisdom beyond one’s years, and lacking in the concept of knowing humor: That desert kid, Kilgar.
  • Sounds like it got barfed up from a dictionary on forgotten Buddhist wisdom: Shiel-Bor(h).
  • Sounds kinda crazy: Give it to Eldar again.
  • Sounds REALLY crazy: Hey, Po-Adar gets to make a guest appearance!
  • Sinister, possibly threatening with double-meaning, and it’s NOT our favorite bad-buy Miro: Mauklo.
  • All the really good lines: Mauklo again.
  • Sounds like it came from a man-crazy battle-whore (Okay, so maybe just SHONG-crazy): The straw-haired Triplets.
  • Something your good-natured beer-swizzling, borderline womanizing, Conan-type might say: Bronto.
  • Does it sound heroic, shy, and humble all at the same time: Shong.
  • Is it something really mysterious to the point of making most mysterious people sound the exact opposite of tight-lipped: That gold-skinned gypsy soothsayer whose name you don’t know yet.
  • Does it sound like something that should be expressed at the top of one’s lungs while invoking a higher power: Candol.
  • Do I need someone to serve as translator for Blag-ak, and able to slap him around without getting killed in the attempt: Quickfoot.
  • Do I need someone to point out that the world seems intent on making even well-aimed arrows useless against anything: ¬†Lindel.
  • Do I need to advance some sinister aspect of the plotline: Mauklo monologuing to himself.
  • I need a monkey wrench: Po-Adar one more time!
  • Do I need someone to point out how utterly amazing some of these characters are even for THIS world: Starke.
  • Do I need a good behind-the-scenes thing: Either that gold-skinned gypsy again or the rare scene with Miro.


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