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Who Says What

Certain characters will speak in certain ways, say certain types of things; that’s universal for any good book. What I thought I’d do here is go a little bit through my thought processes of how I decide who says what types of lines. Does Eldar say it? Sabu? Mauklo? Consider this little flow chart that …

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First Maldene Vid-Log

Well, just thought I’d give this YouTube thing a bit more of a try, so I’ve started with a little quick one listing a couple more factoids about the books.  Just enough to wet your appetite.  That said, you’ll find the vid imbedded below and linked to on the Video Page…  

Places Of Maldene: Thïr Glomdäitaÿor

Okay, so first you ask what’s with the funky name. The funky name in question is the city-castle of the King. Not just any king, but thee King (notice I spelled it with a Capital “K”), the one guy trying to engineer his own counter-plot to that of Miro by recruiting few heros. Needless to …

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Characters of Maldene: Shong

Young, reserved, and with the most innate skill with the sword of anyone around, Shong is also friend and fighting buddy to Bronto. Between Bronto’s massive strength and Shong’s hyper precision with the blade, there is nothing this duo can’t stand up against. More than just a normal swordsman, Shong is also part acrobat. He’s …

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Maldene Behind The Scenes: The Alphabet

The world not only has its own language but its own alphabet as well. Completely alien characters that do not always match up exactly to corresponding English equivalents. For one thing, it’s entirely phonetic. There is no long and short version of the same vowel, but a different letter for each. Different sound means different …

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Lamia Picture Update

Hi folks, just thought I’d share anotrher update with you all. Sasha- one of the two artists who drew the Volume One cover and are now working on the Volume 2 cover, is also working on a little portrait of a dancing Lamia that appears in a bar scene towards the end of Volume One. …

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Maldene Behind The Scenes: My Inspiration

Okay, so some might ask just where i get my ideas for some of this stuff. After all, Maldene is quite the complex and detailed world, with about as much variety as an actual world. Surely I must have some inspiration from a few things, right? Well of course. So consider this article as just …

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Maldene Behind The Scenes: The Harbor Of The World

One of the more significant places on Maldene is the famed Harbor Of The World, so named because nearly every culture on the planet can meet one another at the Harbor, even if they’ve never heard of one another anywhere else before. A tropical port that I liken to being about the size of the …

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Maldene Behind The Scenes: Why So Many Characters?

Just the first Maldene novel has somewhere around 8 main characters and a dozen or so more secondary ones, and later novels only add to that number. In fact, by the time all 13 novels are finished, the number has topped some 250 characters. So, why so many characters? When you have such a vast …

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Maldene Behind The Scenes How Deep Do I Plot? And Why?

One might ask, that with a 13-book series, how deep do I plot things? Well, I can tell you that by the time you’ve reached Chapter One of the first book you’ve already missed clues to major plot elements for the next two books. In Maldene IV I have a segment that only has its …

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